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Boxershopping Logo ondergoed boxershorts nachtmode pyjama
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- Cotton: 100% cotton, this is a natural fiber that absorbs moisture. Because of the skin-friendly properties this is pleasant for everyone.

- Bamboo: Very soft fabric with ideal fit. Because bamboo is a natural product, it has perfect temperature regulation. Because of this, it takes the body temperature in winter, while it feels cool in the summer.

- Stretch cotton: 95% cotton and 5% elastane / lycra. Cotton is a natural fiber that absorbs moisture. Because of the skin-friendly properties this is pleasant for everyone. The 5% elastane ensures that the model stays connected and does not wear after a few hours of wearing.

- Microfiber: 95% polyamide and 5% lycra / elasthan or 90% Polyamide and 10% Lycra / Elastane. Polyamide, unlike polyester, is a fiber that breathes. This keeps both the skin and the pants dry and does not feel sweaty. This fiber is very suitable for sports but also for daily use. Microfibre generally tends to be slightly tighter than cotton.

- Thermo: Different composition possible. Most common 49% viloft, 49% polyester, 2% lycra. Thermo is ideal for sports or working in cold conditions. It is best to wear it directly on the skin. Thermo does not absorb perspiration but transports it to the next layer, keeping the body dry and warm. Furthermore, it is extremely soft and supple which gives a great wearing comfort.

- Velours: 75% cotton, 25% Polyester. Wonderfully soft and warm wearing comfort.

- Poplin: is a woven fabric made of 100% cotton. A poplin is always woven in a flat weave so that the fabric is also relatively strong. Poplin fabrics are used for clothing, including classical pajamas and pajama pants

Fleece: is a 100% polyester fabric (an artificial fiber). Around the base fabric of horizontally and vertically interwoven thicker threads the wires are woven on both sides in small loops that will form the ultimate 'pole'. Compare it with terry cloth. These loops are then cut open (shaved) and frayed, resulting in the soft, fluffy end result.

- Flannel: is a type of textile made from loosely spun yarn woven in a linen or twill weave. Usually it is a one-sided or two-sided roughened cotton fabric, but flannel can also be made of synthetic fibers, or be composed of different fibers. The fabric is often used for bedding, pajamas and shirts

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Boxershopping is er voor al uw ondergoed en nachtgoed waaronder boxershorts, hemden, slips, strings, badjassen, pyjama's, onesies, t-shirts, huispakken, thermokleding, shortama's en meer.
Uw nachtgoed en ondergoedspecialist. Een uitstekende prijs- kwaliteitverhouding met een ruim aanbod aan merken. Voor damesondergoed, herenondergoed en ondergoed voor kinderen.
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